Hands-On Network Analysis and Network Forensics Training

Laura’s enthusiasm for security reinvigorates me to be better at my job.  I
told my boss I was coming to this training. His decision was who was
paying for it.  The company did pay for it, but I was more than willing to pay
for this out of my own pocket.  This is my 4th or 5th training session with
Laura. I will continue to come. She always has the best information and
Summit 08 Attendees

detailing access to the Summit 08 Wrap Up page. Your
information on Chappell University subscriptions should arrive
soon as well.
Summit 09 Planning Underway
We have already had initial discussions regarding Summit 09.
We are reviewing the feedback received by all attendees. We
are listening! Send us email at
info@chappellsummit.com with
your ideas.